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"...To Live as a Spiritual Being Placed in the Natural According to God's Purpose, Plan, and Will  in Order to Bear Lasting Fruit for the Kingdom..."

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The Walk Applied emphasizes an approach to discipleship that centers on spiritual change. What is the Heart? What is the sinful Flesh? What does it mean to be adopted? How is it that we are "citizens of a new country?" How is God's Kingdom structured in the Natural?  How does it operate? What is my personal call from God? What does that mean for my life?

The Walk Applied is a discipleship methodology that leads us into a deep biblical understanding of how God's Kingdom operates in the natural realm, and how we are called to interact with His Kingdom as a spiritual creature living in the natural realm.

The Walk Applied is the result of over 25 years of ministry, study, and formal Christian education. Nick is a Pastoral Therapist and an ordained Minister who has been serving Christian men and couples since 1993. He earned his M.A. from Liberty University in 2011.

The Walk Applied:

- Perfect for Sunday School, seminars, workshops, retreats as well as individual study.

- The series is excellent for pastors, elders, deacons, teachers, councilors, mentors, coaches.

- Any Christian who wants to go deeper can benefit!



Clicking on the brown video in the center to see all the Walk Applied videos. The videos further expand on the material presented in the downloadable books.

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