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# 7 of the of the Walk Applied Model

Counseling & Discipleship Continuing Series.

The Walk Applied is a comprehensive Biblical model

that is applicable for counseling,

discipleship. mentoring, teaching, etc.


The Godly belief system that replaces the sinful, idolatrous belief system of the Flesh. Rebellion Idolatry is replaced by the Assurance Construct, and Need Idolatry is replaced by the Guarantee Construct.

Over the past several installments we have been discussing the very negative topic of the sinful flesh - the innate belief system that we were born with that drives us. We now turn attention to the much more pleasant topic of The Heart. The Heart is the new belief system that the Spirit implants in us as a result of our spirit man being raised to life in the wondrous action of salvation. Paul tells us in the New Testament that only those whose Spirit has been raised and brought to Spiritual life can comprehend the Spiritual.


The Heart belief system is not integrated quickly. We still live with a sinful, driven and relentless flesh. Unfortunately, we will only fully shed the sinful flesh when we pass from this natural existence into the Spiritual realm where those who are saved will enjoy full fellowship with Jesus and heavenly Father. Over our lifetime, the Heart belief system slowly but surely replaces the sinful Flesh as we walk with Jesus in an intimate and personal relationship with Him.

The reader will recall that we established that there are 2 major Idolatry constructs: Rebellion Idolatry and Need Idolatry. Both are made up of 6 idols each. The Heart is comprised of two "Belief Constructs": The Assurance Construct and the Guarantee Construct:

The Assurance Construct replaces Rebellion Idolatry


Humility teaches us that God is absolutely sovereign in all things. Over time, we learn to become humble servants. Indeed, humility ultimately brings us a palpable undercurrent of serenity and joy no matter what the circumstances. Humility is understood to be an intentional act of loving submission because we acknowledge that His will is sovereign in all things.


We have been adopted into the family of God with all the rights and privileges that being in the family of God brings with it. Redemption means we have been literally purchased back from Satan's authority. Our "title deed" has passed from Satan back to God. We will never be rejected because of what we do or don?t do. In His Word, God clearly proclaims the He will never leave us nor will He forsake us. Jesus?death and resurrection paid the awful price that needed to be paid for sin. We are adopted sons and citizens of the Kingdom!


There is no longer any need to show a facade. We are fully accepted as we are, despite our deplorable sinful condition. That's why it's important to understand that we are His adopted children fully and totally. We are citizens of God's country. We have sealed with the deposit of the Holy Spirit. Our sins have been fully paid for, past present and future. All has been taken care of!


The concept of stewardship is one that many Christians are typically familiar with. The notion of stewardship means that we own nothing, and that we are fully dependent on God to faithfully provide for each and every need that we have when we need it. God is always faithful, and His word tells us that he will never leave us and he will never fail us. We could easily substitute the word custodian for stewardship. God wants us to use whatever he provides us with in a Godly fashion. We are managers of all the good things He wants to give us.


Adoption does away with any notion of entitlement, because when we are adopted, we have full legal rights as heirs to the Kingdom. You and I would have everything God wants us to have to the fullest. As adopted sons, we operate under the doctrine of sonship. That means that we are treated the same as legally adopted sons. In Biblical times, to bean adopted son meant that you were treated exactly the same as any other biological heir. It also meant that your past- no matter what you did was for all intent and purposes erased. Your status was completely changed as of the day you were adopted. And that's how God looks at us starting with the moment we are saved. Our sins past present and future have all been covered by the blood of Jesus, no exception! We are fully loved and fully accepted - no matter what our condition or what we have done. There is no sin or offense that is so bad that it cannot be forgiven. The only exception is if we do not believe. That would mean we are truly not saved!


To be saved means you should be walking in peace. Obviously, this does not always happen. Christians have the same problems as anyone else. To be a Christian does not mean you won't have the same worries as those who are not saved. It is indeed sad that many who profess to be followers of Jesus simply do not act like it and lead lifestyles that are not exemplary of their new status in Christ. Tragically, there are also many who profess to be saved, but truly, they are not. More to the point, Romans 2 describes a lifestyle of hedonism and out and out immorality. These awful depictions of a relentless pursuit of pleasure should never happen with a true Christian. There should be exhibited a peaceful and moral life, that reflects a life that is anything but chaotic. All that said, for the true Christian, there should be an underlying sense of serenity and peace, even in the toughest of situations and the worst of tragedy. When all is said and done, a true Christian has the sense that it's all going to turn out ok, despite the circumstances. The true Christian understands that he is eternal, and that ultimately, he will spend eternity with Christ. There should be an undercurrent of serenity and joy. We certainly don?t want to discount those who are most surely saved, but have not yet learned how to be in peace. Christians are at various stages in their walk with Christ, and God clearly knows the state of each and every person. So, it's easy to misinterpret the motives and actions of a Christian and where they are in their walk. Through struggles and trials, as the Christian walks out the walk, he comes to understand that God is ever faithful, and He is true to His Word.