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Here at GTM, we want to thank those who have graciously consented to be prayer warriors for Godly Training Ministries. Essentially, God has asked for prayer for 3 things over me and this ministry:

1) Bless me and Bless GTM (1 Chron 4:10)

2) Extend my influence (1 Chron 4:10)

3) Pray for God to command His angels to guard me in all my ways (Ps 91)

I can already feel the prayers in action, indeed. The battle is truly against the "powers and principalities". This morning, not 15 seconds after I got out of bed,

I found myself - totally unprompted - remembering 2 individuals who had hurt me in the past. No rhyme or reason...just did. Pondered them for about 15 seconds, and I could feel myself getting angry over things that happened years ago. I quickly blessed those 2 people, and the negative thoughts quickly disappeared - praise His mighty name! Thanks all for the prayers, indeed!

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