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Godly Training Ministries

 "...train yourself to be Godly" (1 Tim 4:7)

We Believe: the absolute inerrancy of scripture.  All scripture is inspired by God, and is the complete and final word of God. 
...that salvation is completely of God's wondrous grace, and can only be attained by repenting of our sin and confessing and truly believing that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour. It is a gift from God, and cannot be "earned". the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ as the atoning act for sin. 

...that Jesus was both completely human and completely God. 
...that God exists as the Holy Trinity: three in one, one in three as one of God's great mysteries. 
...that God is the one and only supreme God who has always existed and will always exist.  He created the universe and everything  in  it.

Godly Training Ministries 


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